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Jehovah, The White Cross

A Not-For-Profit Federal Corporation Entity

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You Can Help When Help Is Most Needed. Gave To Jehovah, The White Cross

Canadian Red Cross funded

Jehovah, The White Cross with $80,115.00 

To enhance the learning of Black and Visible

minority student across greater Toronto


The Bargains Group supported

Jehovah, The White Cross with youth back to

school Program with learning materials

such as backpack, & winter Survival Kits

 The Federal Government of Canada

funded Jehovah, The White Cross with

$ 45,370.00 to empower Seniors in Brampton

Ontario -2021-2022-2023    

ERA.CA support Jehovah, The White Cross

youth Educational Initiatives by providing us

with electronic devices. 

Second Harvest Founded Jehovah, The White Cross With $3500.00 To support and Specifically Target 150 isolated seniors, individual with disabilities, single households’ families and vulnerable women by purchasing and providing Bags of rice, cooking oil, tray of eggs, box of chicken and personal protective equipment For Residents in  Mississauga, Ontario .

Black Business Initiative Funded Jehovah, The White Cross With  $44,650 To Improve Leadership Efficiency to Sustainably Serve the Black Canadian   Community”. Its prime objective is to develop and implement strategic planning initiatives in order to build organizational capacity in governance.

The New Horizons Program for Seniors

Online Information Section For the Month of May/2/2022-2023

Brampton, Ontario 

Dealing with Seniors Metal Health Disorder.

The New Horizons Program for Seniors

Online Information Section For the Month of April/22/2022-2023

Brampton, Ontario

Topic: Senior Social Isolation.


The New Horizons For Seniors Program

Brampton, Ontario

The Federal Government of Canada

Gave $45,370.00 Support To Jehovah, The White Cross

Jehovah, The White Cross Seniors Mental Health Disorder Program for the month of September-October 2021-2022

Jehovah, The White Cross

Food, Hand Sanitizer ,Facemasks and Vegetable Oil Distribution For Seniors, Single parents, and Disable people who are resident within the City of Brampton ,Ontario. This Program and Support is from the Federal Government Of Canada 

Jehovah, The White Cross Seniors Information

Sharing Session Webinar For The Month of 

May 2021

Jehovah, The White Cross Safety-Emergency Preparedness May-2021

Jehovah, The White Cross appreciate The Federal Government 

of (Canada) To support The New Horizons program For Seniors 

and elderly with disability residing in Brampton, Ontario. This 

program will run from 2021-2022

Transportation for Doctor appointment, grocery shopping, and the distribution of face mask and hand sanitizer will be given to Seniors and Elderly in Brampton, ON .

Jehovah, The White Cross Promote behaviors that reduce The 

spread of COVID-19

1. Jehovah, The White Cross Administrators, staff, and volunteers use the following guidance to plan for and implement prevention strategies to prevent COVID-19 Spread

2. We Encourage COVID-19 vaccination, Get vaccinated when vaccine is available to you.

3. After vaccination continue using appropriate prevention strategies such as wearing a mask when in the presence of others. Masks protect the wearer, as well as those around you. 

Masks work best when everyone wears one.

4.During Distribution of (PPE) Jehovah, The White Cross communicate with Seniors and Elderly about Washing your hands often, and ensure participants can wash their hands appropriately

Our Staff and participants should wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after you have been in a public place or common area or after blowing your 

nose, coughing, or sneezing.

If soap and water are not available, Jehovah, The White Cross Staff and members encourage the use of hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. Cover all surfaces of your hands and rub them together until they feel dry.

Jehovah, The White Cross Staff members also assist people with sensory, cognitive, or behavioral issues, and people with a disability or dementia, who may have challenges washing their hands properly and as frequently as recommended.

Transportation to meet Doctor Appointment & Grocery Shopping will be schedule for Seniors and Elderly by Jehovah, 

The White Cross and stagger drop off or pick up times to avoid crowding. We are thankful once one more to the Federal Government for their support for seniors and Elderly who 

residing in Brampton, Ontario community.

The Canadian Red Cross Has Change the Life of Youth within the entire community of Kitchener/Waterloo Cambridge and providing Digital learning devices for Education in This difficult time of COVID-19 pandemic

The next distribution is on November/29/2020 at 380 Albion Rd Etobicoke, Ontario M9W-3P5

Logos Apostolic Church of Reconciliation. Time:2:00 PM


JTWC distribution of 

Digital Learning 

Devices to Black and visible minority students in Kitchener/Waterloo a

This funding were provided to Jehovah, The white Cross by the Canadian Red Cross to support students across Ontario due to stay-at-home order or class 

cancellation related to 

Covide-19 pandemic.

Jehovah, The White Cross

2020 PROJECT & Title: Provide Digital Learning Devices And Training To Transition To

Virtual Learning Environment Within Canada, Ontario.

(The Canadian Red Cross Founding)

Jehovah, The White Cross Is Grateful To The Canadian Red Cross For Providing Funding To Support Vulnerable Black And Visible Minority Youth/Students .

Project, Title: "Provide Digital Learning Devices And Training To Transition To Virtual Learning Environment.

The next distribution is on November/29/2020 at 380 Albion Road Etobicoke, Ontario M9w-3P5 Logos Apostolic Church of Reconciliation. Time: 2:00 PM

Jehovah, The White Cross will be Distributing Those Learning Devices to Students from: Hamilton, Brampton, Mississauga, Scarborough, Barrie, Toronto & Caledonia, Ontario.

2017-2018 Jehovah, The White Cross Distribute Rice, Water, Candy and chocolate

among seniors and children.

Project Winter Survival 2020