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Jehovah, The White Cross

A Not-For-Profit Federal Corporation Entity

Register with Corporations Canada 


The New Horizons Program for Seniors and Elderly with Disability

Brampton, Ontario

Jehovah, The White Cross Seniors Information Sharing Section Webinar for the month of May 2021

Jehovah, The White Cross gave thanks and appreciation to the Federal Government of Ontario for the $ 25000.00 grant Support for Seniors with disability including other individual who are effected by Covid-19 Pandemic

Our Program And Services

Our next initiative is provide support to:

- Seniors

- Single Parents

- Disable individuals

Jehovah The , White Cross aim to combat the stresses to these particular groups during these unprecedented times of isolation.

Below is just some services we want to provide

Free Transportation              Online Education                      PPE Distribution

transportation access            Education Seniors and              Distribute PPE to those

to and from medical              other individual preventing      impacted by the Covid-19

appointment and or               the spread of Covid-19 and       Pandemic

shopping for groceries           its Variants

Contac us

Michael Jones (289) 946-2366 || Onike Noah (647) 999-2956

President/CEO                                   Member of the Board of Director