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Jehovah, The White Cross

A Not-For-Profit Federal Corporation Entity

Registered with Corporations Canada 

Jehovah, The White Cross is a Not-For-Profit Organization which base in Canada. Brampton, Ontario. The White Cross was founded September/2/2017.

Jehovah, The White Cross was establish by four individual who residing in three different countries.

1. Name: Michael Jones                 2. Name: Joe Philip Borward        3. Massa Z. Kawah                      4. Name: J. Alphonso D. Perkins

Position : President/CEO                   Position: Vice-President                Position: Finance Committee     Position: General Secretary

Country : Canada                                Country: America                           Country: Liberia                          Country: Liberia

Tel# 289-946-2366                           Tel# 910-850-6319                       Tel# 231-886-599190               Tel# 231-886-518451

E-Mail :                                                 E-mail:                                            E-mail:                                          E-mail:

[email protected]        [email protected]         [email protected]            [email protected] 

Michael Jones


My name is Michael Jones.I was born in Liberia ,Monrovia .I graduated from Conestoga College at 299 Doon valley Dr.Kitchener,Ontario ,where I obtain my Diploma in Computer Network Administration & System Engineering in 2009-2010. I have three(3) girls . I am taking online courses in Theology at (World Video Bible School) I am currently working for Jehovah,The White Cross as President/CEO in Brampton,Ontario.My passion is to fight for and work alongside victims of rape,abuse(sexual,emotion,or physical),and family crisis regardless of age,race,ethnicity,culture and Socio-economy status in all member Countries Mentioned above. (Canada,Ghana,Liberia & Sierra Leone).

I believe,working together can make a difference in so many people life.

Joe Philip Borward

Vice President

 My name is Joe Philip Borward. I was born in New Kru Town,Liberia on August 16,1977 . to my birth parents Ms. Esther Nimely & Mr. Frank Chea . I lost my family during civil war in Liberia .I moved to America as a Refugee in 1998 with the help of my adapted parent Mrs. Elaine B. Diggs .I am Married with three children; two girls and a boy . I earned my Associate Degree in Human Services from (MCTC) in 2005.I work as a junior counselor for Wilder Foundation;helping struggling youth deal with issues related to family dynamic,drugs,sex,& other community issues.I earned my Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Bethel University in Minnesota in 2012.I recently earned my Master in Business Administration from grand Canyon University in Arizona & working on my Master in Nursing Administration at Grand Canyon University.

Massa Z. Kawah

Finance Committee

I am Massa Z. Kawah,born August 25,1981 onto the union of Mr.and Mrs. Momo S.Kawah. I originated from Gola Tribe of Bomi County,Clay District.I have two girls(2) Children.I started my primary education at St.Simon Baptist Elementary and Junior High School located on Horton Avenue Capital Bye-Pass from 1983-1987.from 1997-2000 I enrolled at the Jimmy Jolocon High School located on Somalia Dr,Gardnerville. I later enrolled at the first Assembly of God High School located between Buchanan and Carey street where I attained my Diploma and my West African Examination Certificate from 2000-2004 upon graduation,I then enrolled at the university of Liberia from 2004-2013 where I attained my BBA Degree in Management with Minor in public Administration. In Oct 2005 I work with the National Elections Commission during the presidential and general election as presiding officer.  

J. Alphanso D.Perkins, I

General Secretary

I am J. Alphanso D. Perkins,a Liberian.I was born on June first in Gogbalah,Bong county unto a poor and humble union (David & Massa Saul) and reared by Mr. & Mrs. Jefferson A. Perkins.I attended and graduated from the William V.S.Tubman High School in December 1980 and attained a BBA Degree in Accounting & Management in February in 2000 from the university of Liberia. I attended and attained Masters of public Administration & Management (Honors) from Tsinghua university in Beijing, people's Republic of China in September 2010(First Liberian to enrolled at Tsinghua according to available Foreign Students' records at the time).I am a Christian (Effort Baptist Church Liberia) and have a wife (Roselyn Priscilla Perkins) I am currently working as Administrator at the Liberian Senate (office of the President pro tempore).